Where We Stand

These are unique times in America. Unfortunately, the church does not have a great track record during unique times. Too often, the church has taken the middle of the road positions during social revolution and specifically when it comes to racism. The middle of the road seems like a good place to care for everyone. It’s better than crossing on the other side of the road like the religious elites did in Jesus’ story about the good Samaritan. The problem is, we can’t help they guy in the ditch from the middle of the road. We can judge those on either side, but we can’t engage. It is time to leave the middle of the road and help heal the wounds of our nation, our communities, and our families. 


Donald Trump consistently uses poor word choices. He consistently shows that, at a minimum, he does not understand the struggles of the people groups who literally built this country, both in this land and from abroad by the giving of their resources (rarely willingly). 


However, last week, Trump did more than use bad language. In fact, despite what mega-church pastor Robert Jeffress said in his defense of Trump’s statement, the language is the least of the problem. The problem is racism. Racism is the intersection of racial prejudice and power. Donald Trump, in his statement questioning why we would allow people from these specific countries into our country, displayed both.  

To deny wonderful people from all over the world entrance into our country simply because of where they are from, is racial prejudice, and it comes in the form of the powerful denying opportunities to those they don’t deem worthy. It slanders the reputation of foreign countries and their people as well as American citizens whose families are from those countries.


CITYChurch would like to publicly state that we abhor the racist statements made by President Trump. As Paul said to Peter in Galatians, those sentiments are out of step with the gospel. They are out of step with the Holy Spirit. They are out of step with the words of scripture. The statement is damaging to God’s children, both those who are insulted by its message and those who are influenced by its evil content. As people who are trying to live as disciples of Jesus, we cannot sit silently while the world hears such evil come from the mouth of one who professes to be God’s man.


CITYChurch desires to be a place for all people, no matter what your political leanings. This is not about politics or who you voted for. It is about truth and love. It is unloving to be silent in the

face of lies and evil.


We acknowledge that simply saying we disagree with the content of President Trump’s statement is not enough. We are prayerfully and earnestly seeking how we as a church family can be salt and light in our families, our community, and our world.


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