Leadership of CITY Church Winston

  • Chris Jones - Lead Servant

    Chris grew up here in Winston Salem and graduated from Parkland High School.  He met Jen after graduation from Kentucky Christian College and married her in 2000, making this millennium his favorite so far.  They have 3 kids.  His title of Lead Servant comes from Matthew 23 where Jesus tells his disciples not to lord positions over others, but to be servants of all.  

  • Jen Jones - Musical Worship Coordinator

    Jen is originally from Pekin, a small town in Southern Indiana.  She is married to Chris and they have 3 children.  Her jobs with CITYChurch are numerous, but she is most visible on stage singing most weeks.  She is also active behind the scenes helping plan and manage what we are doing with music.  

  • Mike Petusky - Elder

  • Walt Arthur - elder Candidate

  • Rock Burnette - elder Candidate

  • Chris Hopkins - Task and Theology ninja